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Star Refrigeration travels the UK to offer expert advice to customers of refrigeration and heating plants

On 24th, 25th, and 26th  September, Star Refrigeration will host the Star 2013 Roadshow, a major free event examining the dramatic shifts in environmental regulations, the latest technological advances in industrial cooling & heating solutions and its potential.

To put the rate of change into perspective: in the last three decades we have witnessed the development of the ozone layer hole, global warming, energy consumption, and costs have skyrocketed. These issues dominate the way we do business and those who keep up with the changes are seeing enormous success.

With each regulation, government target, carbon reduction commitment and clean technology innovation accelerating the next change, we are moving in one direction only - sustainable growth.

Star will share its knowledge and expertise with users of heating and refrigeration solutions during a three day roadshow event across the UK. Attendees will receive up to date information on the latest technological trends, environmental developments and legislation, as well as practical advice on how to make cold hard savings out of your existing plant. 

The events will be morning only, from approx 08.30 to 13.00 with lunch before departure. The proposed agenda is for a series of presentations covering:

  • Regulation and legislation (R22, F-Gas, EN378) - David Blackhurst
  • Energy Efficiency - Dr. Rob Lamb
  • Heat Recovery - Dave Pearson
  • Aftercare - Andy Smith

Dates & Venues
Glasgow - Tues 24th Sept  - Snow Factor Braehead
Leeds - Wed 25th Sept  - Cedar Court Hotel, Wakefield
Reading - Thur 26th Sept - Holiday Inn Reading South

Anyone interested in attending this free event can register their interest via the following link:

Note: This event has limited availability and early booking is advised.