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Star Refrigeration Roadshow team overwhelmed by event's success

The series of cross country events in energy efficiency, carbon reduction, heat recovery and UK legislation for large cooling and heating energy users received a positive response from attendees complementing the instructive design of the seminars delivered by Rob Lamb, David Blackhurst, Andy Smith and Dave Pearson.

Positive Feedback

The feedback collected during the three days of talks, demonstrations and knowledge sharing sessions in legislation, F-Gas, refrigerants, R22 phase out, heat recovery, carbon reduction and energy efficiency confirmed the value which  customers place on the knowledge that Star can provide.

Astrid Prado, Marketing Manager at Star Refrigeration, was delighted with the result: "It's hard to know the value of what you've got until you see how people respond to it. Our survey results showed that 80% thought the seminars were very instructional and worth attending, and the information provided was instructional, useful and not too technical to understand."

Rob Lamb, Group Sales & Marketing Director and one of the speakers, said that the Star team knew that the pressing issues chosen for discussion, which affect all large energy users, would be popular as "knowing how to address energy efficiency issues is a necessity. Energy is a direct operating cost of many businesses, and if you can get that down, it's money that goes into the bottom line and turns into profit at the end of the year."

Another hot topic was legislation, which is currently high on the agenda for most businesses. This was highlighted by a comment that Dave Pearson, Director of Innovation at Star Refrigeration, received from one of the attendees: "A large supermarket said that the impact of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, plus rising energy costs, will wipe out their profit within five years. This is quite a sobering thought that puts the urgency of the need to reduce energy consumption through increased efficiency, as well as drive down life cycle operating costs and carbon emissions, into perspective."

After the event, some end users shared their plans on plant installation, replacement and maintenance for 2014. All presentations, recordings and pictures can be viewed at

Star is now conducting a number of private business to business Mini Roadshows on request for attendees wishing to share with colleagues, or those who were not able to attend. Interested parties can contact