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The Future of Industrial Refrigeration – Is your business ready?

World recent events regarding the review of the F-Gas Regulations and the potential phase-down of HFC refrigerants, following the political and environmental agenda, have increased the industry's awareness about new legal and technological developments to ensure that the ongoing updates to international protocols and EU legislation have minimal impactn on businesses' operations and pockets. Star Refrigeration is running a half day roadshow in Glasgow, Leeds and Reading to help end users that are planning plant installation, replacement or maintenance in 2014 prepare for the changes.

On July 4th 2007, the European Fluorinated Gases Regulation (F-Gas) came into force. The objective of this regulation was to reduce the emission of fluorinated gases into the atmosphere. These gases have high global warming potentials (GWPs) that can be thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide, and a reduction in releases will help towards Europe's commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

F-Gases are used as refrigerants in cooling, freezing and heating equipment. The F-Gas Regulations introduced mandatory requirements for the refrigeration industry including leak checking, record keeping, engineer training/certification and equipment labelling - since these gases contribute to the global warming effect, it is imperative that reduction of refrigerant leakage is regarded as a central task for the RAC industry.

Although the reduction of F-Gas emissions under the European Regulation 842/20006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases is already fully implemented in the UK, the European Commission has reviewed the existing regulatory framework and proposed further legislation to strengthen existing measures to control the supply and use of F-Gases, in order to cut F-Gas emissions by 80% of today's levels by 2030 across Europe.

This means that many businesses within the cooling and heating industry will likely have to take a different approach to how they are going to manufacture and maintain equipment in future, and customers are going to have to become more aware of energy efficiency than ever before.

Star Refrigeration is running a series of free CPD certified events that aim to provide a summary of the main problems affecting end users of large cooling and heating systems. The subjects will range from the R22 phase out (banned from Jan 2015), heat recovery (delivering free hot water from cooling systems), energy saving, F-Gas regulations, and better maintenance.

The CPD certified event will be taking place in Glasgow, Leeds and Reading on 24th, 25th and 26th September respectively. Star's senior experts will shed light on the issues that may affect end users if the phase-down begins to take full effect.

David Blackhurst, MD Star Technical Solutions, has prepared a presentation on regulatory and legislative compliance to identify and share advice on how to counteract the major issues that are expected to arise. The event will also be attended by David Pearson, Director of Innovation at Star, who will share his extensive knowledge on heat recovery by using large refrigeration systems to deliver heating and reduce energy bills. Branch Manager Andy Smith will be demonstrating his expertise in the field of maintenance by showing the results from a survey that Star carried out in nine customer sites across the UK. Finally, Group Sales & Marketing Director, Rob Lamb, will be talking about achieving the lowest total cost of ownership.

Free registration is available via Spaces are provided on a first come, first served basis and are limited. All registrants will be entered into a draw with the chance to win one of 3 free iPads.